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Google Moonshot award winner 2015
In 2014 INC 500 named our factory the fourth fastest growing manufacturing plant in USA and 2013 Inc 500 Magazine named our factory as the Second fastest growing factory in USA.

You do not grow this fast unless you have a QUALITY product offered.
This comes just 3 years after Popular Science named our Technology the Best New Green Product on the market in 2011. 

Do you want to have to explain why
you are not using SumaGreen

Basically what has to be said when told they are not going to try SumaGreen when years of results (from all over the world) show that we are helping increase yield while reducing input costs on anything you can grow that has a root system.  Try it yourself and become a believer today!

SumaGreen would like to welcome our NEW distributors:
  Brad Hare - Missouri
  Dave Blythin - Wisconsin

Go to our "For More information" page to contact him to place your order or any other distributor you need to contact in your area.

Spring seeding time is now for your grass / turf.  Nothing helps seed germination better then SumaGreen Turf.  Better seed germination along with faster seed germination equals a great looking lawn in weeks. 

Tired of getting the same old treatments and seeing the same old results every year?

Need Higher yields in 2016?

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Looking for LCO (Lawn Care Operator) that want to make the switch
from Chemicals Fertilizers to our ALL NATURAL complete lawn treatments

SumaGreen Turf
is our next BEST NEW Product for 2012

Click on link below to see ABC News report on the Amazing SumaGrow products
that SumaGreen offers in all our products

Watch this video and see why it is so important that everyone start using SumaGreen products.  This will be the best 7 minutes you will watchSumaGreen is truly the gift that keep on giving to our children and future generations. 

Get this product that works as a Bio Soil Enhancer, and give you a great Increased yield in crops.  A healthier plant reduces the need for Insecticides and pesticides while reducing the needs for fungicides.  Read up on everything we can do with SumaGrow and our SumaGreen products. 
We are a Natural Soil Enhancer and will yield not only a Tall Harvest but a great yield increase.

Our SumaGrow inside Forage Product WINS

Popular Science's Grand Award Winner for 2011
Newest Green Technology

Building a better planet one farmer at a Time

All SumaGreen with SumaGrow inside products have been university tested
with real world results,  and Mother "Nature" approved.

What we do is Easy.  We have our TOP 10 reasons for why we are better then what you have been using. 

  1. SumaGreen Increases Yield on all Crops /Grass/ Forage
  2. SumaGreen  is about 30 - 50% cheaper then most fertilizers
  3. SumaGreen Increases Yield on all Crops/ Grass/ Forage
  4. SumaGreen  does not run off like Fertilizers and pollute waterways since we are All Natural
  5. SumaGreen Increases Yield on all Crops/ Grass / Forage
  6. SumaGreen provides a healthy pH where more nutrients are available to restore Soil
  7. SumaGreen Increases Yield on all Crops /Grass / Forage
  8. SumaGreen helps the plants become Stronger, Healthier and Better Tasting
  9. SumaGreen Increases Yield on all Crops /Grass /Forage
  10. SumaGreen better stress and drought resistant

***If you find something better and more effective for a better price let us know
but we would be very SHOCKED as all of our customers say our product is the BEST
they have ever used and re-order year after year!

PS- Did we mention that we may build up soil nutrients?

Also Popular Science is the world's largest science and technology magazine and reviews thousands of products in search of the top 100 breakthrough products and technologies that represent a significant leap in their categories. "For 24 years, Popular Science has honored the innovations that surprise and amazed us- those that make a positive impact on our world today and challenge our views of what's possible in the future." said Mark Jannot, Editor-in-Chief of Popular Science. "The 'Best of What's New' award is the magazine's top honor, and the 100 winners-chosen from among thousands of entrants- represent the highest level of achievement in their field." 

This was the second the SumaGrow inside product has been written up in Popular Science.  The first time was back in 2009 after a three year study on the SumaGrow inside technology with greenhouse results.  That also led to one of the PhD's who helped cultivate the SumaGrow inside technology to give a presentation at the World Agricultural Conference in New Delhi, India.

Did we mention SumaGreen saves you money and is safe for pets / kids!!


Which Grass would you rather have???

SumaGreen is ALL NATURALLook at what we did in a side by side test (above) on two everyday lawns.  One treated with SumaGreen and one without SumaGreen.   What lawn would you rather have growing or should we say NOT growing?

SumaGreen is one of the premier products is replacing harmful fertilizers to help both your crops and grass as well as the Environment.   We do not have N, P or K in our product as our product has Living Active Microbes blended in a microbial cocktail.  SumaGreen is configured with the highly concentrated microbial liquid,  SumaGrow.  SumaGrow is our main ingredient.   

SumaGreen has products that help grow healthy grass and crops while making their root systems grow longer and stronger.  Our products include SumaGreen for Grass, SumaGreen for Crops, ReeCourse Golf products, and more.  

SumaGrow is a Organically certified by OMRI.   We have sold our product in the USA and overseas. 

Want that Plush lawn or that amazing garden?   Are you someone who has a farm that is struggling to keep up with the rising costs of fertilizers that are doing nothing more then causing you headaches when the fertilizer runs off goes into your water supply and other waterways but worse does not stay on your crops!

Our SumaGrow inside  ingredient offers years of scientific studies, University studies and more importantly Real World tests all with the same consistent results.  Increased Yields, Better growing grass, Longer and Stronger Root systems while costing you the consumer and farmer less to treat your farm , garden or lawn.  

Call Today to see what we can do for you by cutting costs,
and growing a better healthier lawn, garden or farm
(609) 972-1913

SumaGreen is actively looking for Distributors in USA and Internationally
Please inquire through the Contact section of our site and list in
Comments about becoming a Distributor

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All our product contain the world's best ingredient SumaGrow.

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